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We call them coin-operated binoculars and coin-operated telescopes, and non-coin operated binoculars non- coin operated telescopes.

You may call them viewing scopes, tower scopes, observation binoculars, observation telescopes, observation viewers, tower binoculars, binoculars, scenic magnifiers, tower viewers, coin-operated viewers, coin-operated binoculars, revenue binoculars, coin-operated viewing telescopes, scenic viewers, scenic telescopes, spyglass viewers, coin-operated viewing machines, non-coin operated viewing machines, non-coin operated viewers, coin-operated viewers, coin-operated viewfinders, optical rangers, optical sights, observation telescopes, revenue telescopes, non-coin telescopes, wheelchair viewers, wheelchair viewfinders, stationary binoculars, spy glasses, viewing stands, or stationary telescopes.

It really doesn't matter what you call them.

Vista scopes make the best, and our binoculars and telescopes attract the most customers.